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Women Economic Empowerment - Bugiri district

The project is designed to increase the economic empowerment of 1400 women in Bugiri district, increase food and nutritional output for the benefit of their households and to contribute to narrowing the existing aquaculture production gap through climate smart cage fish farming in Lake Victoria, Bugiri district.

Our Aquaculture Program

We are engaged in Cage Tilapia fish farming, processing marketing and sale of fish and fish products. We provide on job skilling and capacity building along the entire value chain of fish farming. We advocate for a liberated and wholesome woman by integrating woman empoweing programs into the routine fish farming value chain training sessions.

How we do it

Climate Smart Aquaculture

• allows for high productivity (30 - 40kg m-3 of water volume)
• a high Carbon turn over (FCR < 1.5) • Short production cycles (7 – 9month) • Targets Nile Tilapia; a highly resilient culture species

Medium Volume Cages
Why Women?

Women in Aquaculture

70% to of the global Aquaculture workforce is contributed by women. This implies that women significantly play various roles across the aquaculture value chain. The project accommodates 90% women labour force to boost women engagement in the sector without underestimating the existing contribution by men.

Fish farming rules out culture norms that have hindered active women engagement in wild capture fisheries (fisherwomen).

What Members Say


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